Orchal & Vir form an all-or-nothing synth duo who won't let up on ideas or entertainment value, jamming all kinds of fun into a mere twenty-seven minute record.

Orchal & Vir lob great big nerf balls of fat, round synthesizer notes at the listener, from the opening ”Flash Fabric” to ”Hotlantis” less than half an hour later. Hummable and toe-tappable and even though they obviously are no one single genre´s captive, there is a cohesiveness to the music that provides a steady frame for the listener. It´s like pink plastic lawn flamingos and fruity drinks with paper parasols started a band on a coral reef and invited all the tropical fish to come listen.

Structurally, much of these nimble electronic compositions attain an effortlessly fluid, jazzy air. Creativity and imagination loom large amongst the EP’s five tracks, to such an extent that any instance of stagnancy has been eradicated.
— Olive Music